Senior Staff

Projects Andrew has worked on at HLZA include:

  • 14 Wall Street
  • 40 Fifth Avenue
  • 70 East 12th Street
  • 106 West 56th Street
  • 157 East 74th Street
  • 171 West 57th Street
  • 200 Haven Avenue
  • 228 East 85th Street
  • 400 Riverside Drive
  • 517 West 46th Street
  • 619 West 54th Street
  • 1740 Ocean Avenue
Andrew E. Zimmerman, AIA
Executive Director

As Executive Director, Andrew develops and implements strategic marketing and technology plans to achieve firm-wide objectives. He has developed and directed digital media initiatives to position the firm for growth and profitability. He has spearheaded branding, marketing, and communications strategies for the firm, establishing a consistent corporate image throughout all channels, promotional materials, and events. Andrew also reviews and analyzes sales performance against goals to determine effectiveness.

Formerly a Project Manager at HLZA, Andrew completed various exterior restoration projects for low, mid-rise, and high-rise buildings in New York. He also conducted numerous FISP inspections, leak investigations, window master plans, and forensic investigations. Andrew has designed and implemented several interior renovation and ADA-related alterations, as well as interior alteration reviews.

Andrew is a member of the Metropolitan Business Network and a graduate of Washington University in St. Louis, earning a Bachelor of Arts in Architecture with a minor in Photography and Digital Media, and a Master of Architecture degree. He is also a registered architect in New York State.